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Science approach to skincare creation

Cosmetics without biocide-preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients? Yes… For many years, we have been creating natural anti-aging cosmetics by combining the most modern scientific knowledge with knowledge and technologies, the effectiveness of which has been proven by centuries of experience.

Science approach to skin care creation

Cosmetics without biocide-preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients?

Yes, the creators of TEVI skin care answer. This is possible if the concept of creation combines the most modern scientific knowledge and the principles of creating antique cosmetics.


Corneotherapy, the science of healthy skin, was created in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century, but has been practiced from the earliest times, ranging from traditional ancient approaches.

At the base of corneotherapy, the need to protect and to restore the stratum corneum, the destruction of which leads to the appearance of skin diseases, allergies, infections, dehydration and dryness, premature skin aging.

Stratum corneum is the outermost of the layers of the epidermis and is largely responsible for the vital barrier function of the skin.

Characteristic features of defective horny layer are marked increases in diffusional water lost to a hostile desiccating environment, a decreased capacity retain sufficient water to maintain a supple, soft, resilient, smooth skin and host of structural imperfections, which degrade the ability of skin to carry out its multiple and diverse protective functions.

For the first time demonstrated that the stratum corneum is not a conglomeration of “dead” cells but is a “living” structure that is capable of self-regulation and interaction with other layers of the epidermis and dermis.

Studies have shown that the epidermis is able to cleave the lipids and use the resulting fragments to restore the skin’s lipid barrier.
The fact that cosmetics can influence on the processes of the uppers layers of the skin, places high demands on its composition.

Cosmetics should help maintain the protective barrier of the skin, supplying essential for restore components, to protect against negative environmental influences.

Over the years, since 2005, we have created handmade natural cosmetics by combined the modern knowledge about the structure and functions of the skin with the knowledge and technologies that have proven their effectiveness during centuries of experience.

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