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“There is no doubt that the composition is completely natural, even when you do not open the package. The smell of herbs and oils is felt very well, the aroma is incredible. I ordered two face serums – day and night and serums based on natural oils. It is applied easily from a convenient pipette-dispenser, the oil is very quickly absorbed. I love these serums and always use them as a standalone product, after which no cream is needed. Moisturizing, evening tone, wrinkle prevention are what these products provide.”

Kate K.

“I was advised here natural cosmetics from Tevi Care. Serum for hands and nails is simply divine! It is completely based on natural oils, as well as a natural antioxidant complex and black cumin oil. The effect is noticeable immediately. I have already removed all my creams, not a single cream can compare with this serum (no matter how sad it may sound). I really fell in love with it, this is my discovery of year. Treat yourself and your loved ones”

Elina R.

“My skin is prone to dryness, which means wrinkles appear. My results after using the Tevi Care serum: freshness, no signs of fatigue, moisturizing, nourishing the skin. Non-comedogenic. Skin looks good and feels comfortable. With regular use, there is no need to use additional products for face and neck skin care.”

Taisha M.

” There is no oily sheen from the daytime serum, there is a feeling of moisturizing and crow’s feet are less noticeable when smiling. And the night one really nourishes and absorbs quickly too! I offered to test this Israeli cosmetics to our babysitter. She suffers from dryness now that she has wild allergies, a runny nose and other “beauty”. So the redness and roughness is gone! I didn’t expect it myself. I poured her half of each. Words of gratitude from her.”

Olivia T.

“Cool serums from Tevi Care. I’m talking after 2 weeks of testing. I have naturally dry skin and it needs to be constantly moisturized. After I started using these serums, my skin changed dramatically! The complexion has improved, the skin is firmer, more nourished, and it seems that the moisturize 10 times more effectively. It’s cosmetics from Israel, contains only natural ingredients – various oils, vitamin E. So I definitely recommend it! “

Daria F.⠀

“After the first use, I noticed that the hair became shinier and the scalp less oily. After a few months of regular use, I did not have a single split hair. The radiance increased, the structure improved – the hair became thicker, like after keratin. I even began to wash my hair less often. “

Victoria L.

“Now I’m testing Tevi Care cosmetics. The aromas are amazing, real Phytotherapy. At the moment I noticed that my skin relief in the décolleté has smoothed. It is not surprising when such a composition.”

Sophia K.

“When my order arrived, I felt the scent of herbs through the packaging bag, the aroma of natural oils is very strong. I apply 2 times a week. Hair became more shiny and less splitting and fall out. I am allergic, but there is no reaction to the serum. My recommendation is I recommend.”

Irene K.

“I try to always choose only natural cosmetics and choosed the serums Tevi Care after studying the composition. All serums are not tested on animals! On the face already see the effect and I like it. The skin has become more hydrated and smooth, there is no oiliness in the forehead area.”

Evelina D.

” Night serum contains huge amount of natural active ingredients and, i am glad that there is no water in its compositions. I’m not talking about silicones, preservatives and other harmful substances – only oils and extracts, so it is also effective.”

Anastasia B.

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