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Outside-in skin care by Tevi Care

Outside-in Therapy: restoration of the structure and functions of the stratum corneum leads to the normalization of physiological processes in the deep layers of the skin…

Outside-in skin care by Tevi Care

The words “natural cosmetics” are among the most common in cosmetics advertising. However, generally accepted values ​​and rules for determining “naturalness” do not yet exist.

European Committee of Expertise for Cosmetic Products (September 2000): “..the topic is complex and emotional. Many products are classified as natural cosmetics, although they contain many non-natural ingredients.

The Expert Committee proposes to introduce the definition of “natural cosmetic product”, but there is still no consensus and certainty.

It is believed that “natural” should contain only safe ingredients; it is proposed to determine it by the percentage of natural components – among all others.

The opinion that natural cosmetics does not exist at all is becoming widespread. And that cosmetics must necessarily include emulsifiers, preservatives, biocides and other ingredients necessary only for its production and storage.

The presence of water in cosmetics requires the introduction of ingredients that negatively affect the structure and function of the skin – and not only the skin.

In advertisements and annotations for “cosmetics on the water” (creams, gels), only “active ingredients” are usually mentioned, however, emulsifiers, solvents, biocides are no less active, but they prefer not to mention the results of this activity.

However, there are really natural cosmetics – without water, petrochemicals, synthesized oils, emulsifiers, preservatives, biocides, fragrances, dyes.

Tevi Сare

For many centuries, skin and hair care products have been made only from natural ingredients, from vegetable and essential oils, which helped maintain healthy and good looking skin. And as it turned out as a result of modern research – to prevent its premature aging.

More than sixteen years of experience in the creation and use of Tevi Care – truly natural skin and hair care products – confirms the high effectiveness of the combination of an approach that has proven useful in the course of centuries of testing and scientific knowledge of the third millennium, discoveries in the field of Corneobiology and Corneotherapy.

Tevi Care is fundamentally different from the mass cosmetics, including the prime cost associated with the cost of components and production technology aimed at maintenance the beneficial properties of natural ingredients.

Outside-in сare: restoration of the structure and function of the stratum corneum, leads to the normalization of processes in the all skin layers, helps to maintain health and good appearance of the skin, prevent premature aging.

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