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The Experience of Generations

Science approach to skincare creation

Cosmetics without biocide-preservatives, synthetic fragrances and other potentially harmful ingredients? Yes… For many years, we have been creating natural anti-aging cosmetics by combining the most modern scientific knowledge with knowledge and technologies, the effectiveness of which has been proven by centuries of experience.

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Natural skin care: Tevi Care

A very small of Tevi Care amount is required for each application. Many people note the reduction reduction in the total cost of purchasing cosmetics, since one Tevi Serum replaces several skin care products at once… Enough time has passed since 2005 for buyers of different ages and with different skin types, who have been using Tevi Сare for years to be convinced of their beneficial effectiveness.

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Physical exercise – related skin problems

Exercise is an important aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, it can also cause various skin problems. These problems can range from mild irritation to more serious conditions requiring medical attention. It is important to be aware of the potential skin problems that may arise and take steps to prevent them.

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Tevi Care: prevent premature skin aging

The increase in the number of women over the age of twenty with sensitive, irritated skin is also associated with external factors that cause premature aging, and often with the use of a plenty variety of beauty products…
The principle of Outside-in-Therapy…
..to prevent early aging – when in any age the skin according to its condition becomes on many years older than could have been.

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Unique Tomato Lycopene Complex

..More than fifty studies carried out in Israel, Germany, and the USA have shown that the synergism of natural components in the complex provides exceptional efficiency and has a beneficial effect on various organs and tissues…

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Outside-in skin care by Tevi Care

Outside-in Therapy: restoration of the structure and functions of the stratum corneum leads to the normalization of physiological processes in the deep layers of the skin…

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