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Prevent premature aging order to prevent premature aging, the appearance of its visible and hidden signs – when the condition of the skin becomes many years older than it could be…

Premature aging

Premature aging

Skin aging is a complex biological process influenced by a combination of endogenous and exogenous factors. Natural aging is genetically determined and we cannot change genes, and early external aging can be prevented by acting on the factors that determine premature skin aging (Photoaging).

External factors such as ultraviolet radiation, frost, dry air, environmental pollution, smoking, alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates, excessive use of cosmetics, cause the appearance of free radicals and oxidative stress, impairment of skin barrier functions. Oxidative stress triggers early aging, which means that the signs of aging appear earlier than one might expect.

Skin health and beauty is considered one of the main determinants of perception of health, however, health professionals are seeing more and more women in their 20s and 30s with signs of aging that previously appeared much later.

The increase in the number of women over the age of twenty with sensitive, irritated skin is also associated with external factors that cause premature aging, and often with the use of a plenty variety of beauty products.

Wrinkles can appear as early as after age 20s and deepen over time; damage to the protective barrier leads to dry (dehydrated) skin – regardless of the type.

Anti-aging lifestyle helps prevent early aging: minimizing exposure to factors such as ultraviolet radiation (sun and tanning beds), smoking and alcohol, sugar and refined carbohydrates, sleeping with makeup and experimenting with a variety of cosmetics.

Eating more fruit and vegetables, drink enough water, combine physical activity and timely rest and sleep is a right way for premature aging prevention.

It should also be remembered that the skin is the largest human organ, including in terms of the area of ​​physiological and pathological processes, and it largely depends on skin care whether it helps to maintain the functions of the skin or provokes pathological processes.

Tevi Care

The author’s developments of Tevi Care combine modern knowledge about the structure and functions of the skin, about the synergy of components – and centuries-old principles of creating truly natural compositions: for moisturizing, nourishing, protecting the skin from early aging.

Tevi Care has the ability to restore and maintain barrier functions, its components have proven antioxidant properties: antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals, reduce collagen degradation.

Corneotherapy founder Professor Albert M. Kligman: “Invariable and characteristic features of defective horny layer are marked increases in diffusional TEWL… and a host of structural imperfections, which degrade the ability of the horny layer to carry out its multiple and diverse protective functions.

At the base of Corneotherapy, the need to protect and to restore the stratum corneum, the destruction of which leads to the appearance of skin diseases, allergies, infections, dehydration and dryness. Stratum corneum… is largely responsible for the vital barrier function of the skin.”

A barrier fulfilling its functions protects against dehydration, penetration of various microorganisms, allergens, and harmful substances.

The principle of Outside-in-Therapy, one of the main ones in Corneotherapy, works: restoration of the structure and functions of the stratum corneum leads to the normalization of physiological processes in the deep layers of the skin.

Tevi Care serums contains a unique Natural Tomato Lycopene antioxidant complex / FDAs GRAS, and are created to moisturize, nourish, protect the skin, to prevent its premature aging, the appearance of its visible and hidden signs – when in any age the skin according to its condition becomes on many years older than could have been.

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