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Learn about Tevi Care - Modern knowledge combined with centuries of testing

About Tevi Care

Modern knowledge combined with centuries of testing

Sciencitifity. Versatility. Realism.

The Details

Since 2005, Tevi’s Ltd is creating natural skin care products, combining the most modern knowledge of the structure and functions of the skin and a knowledge that have proved during centuries of testing.

The empirical experience of generations and the achievements of modern science have determined three principles that have become the hallmark of our products.

Principle one - Sciencitifity


The approach to the prevention of premature aging, hydration, nutrition, protection are based on modern discoveries of Corneobiology and Corneotherapy – the science of healthy skin.

The restoration and maintenance of the functions of the stratum corneum prevents dehydration and dryness, the appearance of skin diseases, allergies, infections, and early skin aging.

Outside-in therapy: this approach ensures the normalization of physiological processes in the deep layers of the skin.

Principle two - Versatility


The choice of components, their percentages, synergism make it possible to combine in one composition all the properties necessary for the prevention of early aging, for the health and good appearance of skin and hair.

Only one Tevi Care product replaces a whole range of other cosmetic products, providing science-based anti-aging properties, hydration, nutrition and protection.

Tevi Care is suitable for any type of skin, as any type of skin and in any age can be dehydrated as a condition, everyone needs proper nutrition and effective protection from aggressive environmental influences.

Principle three - Realism


Detailed and complete list of all ingredients without unreasonable promises.

“Active ingredients” are being mentioned very often in the advertisements mass cosmetics, but emulsifiers, petrochemicals, fragrances, biocides, et cetera are not less active. There is a lot of information about the negative effects of many components, used in mass cosmetics. It’s the reason not to mention it.

Tevi Care always provide full and detailed list of ingredients in every product and never make unreasonable promises.

Buy. Use. Care.

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